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Sensor technology in the era of IOT must be first

the 2010 National Forum on technology and development of passive components with cracks in the zigzag part of pressure gauge tubes, one of the series activities of the high tech fair electronics exhibition, was held yesterday, including Murata TDK "Many well-known passive component and material manufacturers at home and abroad, including se Cai, sun induced, Jimei electronics, FIC, Penang electronics, and technical experts from the China electronic component industry association, gathered together to discuss topics such as the development of passive component technology and the future trend of the market.

at the exhibition, all exhibition groups brought products and solutions close to the Chinese market.

Xiamen t Zang Liangxin, subordinate to the magnetic transformer manufacturing department of DK Co., Ltd., pointed out at the 2010 International passive component technology and development forum that the requirements of digital appliances represented by thin TVs for their power supply are becoming thinner, smaller and more energy-saving. The laboratory has developed a transformer with high-temperature bacteria for Yucheng Fuhang company, which is one of the important components of the power supply, The selection of ferrite materials and shape design must be able to use a variety of circuits

for the hot topic of IOT since this year, experts have said that this technology is expected to develop into a high-tech market with a scale of hundreds of millions of yuan, which will certainly drive the development of sensor technology and industry. However, due to the repeated tracking of sensor technology, less independent innovation and low industrialization level in China, sensor technology still needs to be advanced in the era of IOT

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