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Sorting technology of glass packaging waste

glass packaging waste does not pay attention to quality and long-term benefits, so it cannot be achieved without sacrificing product quality, and it is often mixed with other packaging waste and other domestic waste. In addition to traditional manual sorting, modern technology can also be used for sorting

1. Use gravity for sorting

first, use the different densities of substances to roughly separate the substances with low density from those with high density through air separation equipment, and then further sort the substances with high density that fall at the bottom of the container. For example, dense glass and metal are often re sorted by vibrating screen

in addition, most deformation units can also adopt single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter to use inertial method for sorting. Common equipment include ballistic sorter, Anti Ballistic sorter and inclined plate transportation sorter; Centrifugal separation can also be used to separate glass and metal with higher density from a large number of materials with lower density. The equipment can use an annular screen or a rolling ring to move the glass and metal to the outside and the less dense substances to the inside by relying on the action of rotating centrifugal force. After separating the dense glass and metal from the garbage ", and then use the magnetic separation method to separate the glass and metal again.

2. Use the heavy medium for separation.

first prepare the fine magnetite or ferrosilicon alloy into a suspension of water, and then put the broken garbage or packaging waste into the heavy medium. The one with low density floats up and discharges, and the glass precipitation with high density is separated. This kind of heavy medium can be used repeatedly to reduce the cost of separation.

3. Use optical technology Row sorting

in order to separate colored and colorless glass, electronic color picker can be used for sorting. The method is: crush the glass into 6 ~ 16mm fragments, put them on the belt conveyor to form a line, and send them to the platform with photocell and special background. On the way of landing, detect them by optical method, and blow the colored glass or other sundries away with the help of air jet nozzle

IV. recycling of glass packaging waste

1. Cleaning, disinfection and reuse of glass bottles and cans

the surface of glass bottles and cans is smooth and neutral, and it is easy to clean and reseal without coating. If used properly, a bottle can be reused for about ten times. As long as the recycled empty bottles and cans are carefully cleaned and disinfected, if there is a pressure requirement, they can be reused after a pressure test. The key to the reuse of glass bottles and cans lies in bottle washing and disinfection. The inside and outside of glass bottles and cans should be cleaned, and a certain cleaning speed should be guaranteed. In order to ensure the cleaning quality and speed of glass bottles and cans, mechanical equipment must be used. As for the disinfection and sterilization of glass bottles and cans, the disinfection and sterilization process should be selected according to the requirements of the contents, and then the disinfection and sterilization solution and mechanical equipment should be determined

2. Recycling of glass packaging waste

glass packaging containers can be recycled if they can no longer be used, have been damaged or have become fragments. Reheating treatment can not only save raw materials and soda ash for glass production, save energy and time, but also play the role of flux

the remanufacture of broken glass is the result of scientific and technological progress in recent 20 years. Before that, each glass factory controlled the amount of broken glass mixed within 10%, because the recycled broken glass was very dirty and mixed with various sundries, such as iron, aluminum, paper, plastic, cork, stone and broken tiles, and the composition of broken glass itself was complex and the particle size was uneven

three key points should be strictly controlled for the remanufacture of broken glass: the first is the preliminary treatment. The recycled broken glass must be carefully sorted, washed, broken and blended, so as to ensure that the glass must be tested and analyzed strictly, and the rest can be used as the basis for practical process formula; Third, we should check the production. Formulate 2 according to the specific situation - the pressing depth under the total experimental force f0+f1; Production process, and carry out actual operation in strict accordance with the process regulations

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