Service conditions of the hottest roots blower

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Operating conditions of Roots blower

1. During the use of Roots blower, the pressure rise shall not exceed the pressure rise range specified on the nameplate

2. The content of solid particles in the gas of Roots blower shall not be greater than 100m, and the maximum size of particles shall not be greater than half of the minimum working side clearance of the impeller

3. The corrosion content of sheet metal caused by coal tar in Roots blower gas should meet the provisions of TJ urban gas design code

4. The operating temperature of Roots blower bearing shall not be higher than 95 ℃. The oil tank can be divided into three types: manual, full-automatic and microcomputer control. The lubricating oil temperature does not exceed 65 ℃

5. The inlet gas temperature is generally not higher than 40 ℃. (special conditions to be agreed separately)

6. Precautions for the use of friction and wear testing machine roots blower when boosting Δ When p ≥ 39.2kpa, cooling water must be used. (end)

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