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The sensor branch of aerospace electromechanical company calmly copes with the storm

in Shanghai, the eighth Aerospace Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has a listed company, Shanghai Aerospace Automotive electromechanical Co., Ltd., and the sensor branch is one of its many subsidiaries. Since its establishment in May, 1998, the sensor branch has gone through more than 10 years of ups and downs. Relying on the rapid development of China's auto industry in previous years, the strong support and help of leaders at all levels to the enterprise, the persistent pursuit of success from top to bottom of the branch, and the unremitting hard work and tenacious game of the majority of employees, the branch finally won a place for itself in the field of China's auto parts (ABS sensors)

the number of products has grown from the original 6 (5 of which have been eliminated by the market in succession) to more than 40 now; Customers have grown from the first two to more than 50 now; The sales volume has increased from one million yuan a year to more than 100 million yuan now; The staff has grown from dozens at the beginning to more than 300 now; The company has also developed from an almost manual workshop to a more modern enterprise

however, since the third quarter of 2008, the financial tsunami caused by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has quickly spread to the world. Affected by it, almost all vehicle manufacturers in China's automotive industry have adjusted their production and sales targets, resulting in monthly reduction of orders, excess capacity, sharp decline in sales, and the annual sales revenue failed to meet the plan at the beginning of the year. The sensor branch has faced a severe situation for the first time since its establishment. The battle of small businesses to cope with the economic crisis has also begun

market development from "waiting" to "running"

before the outbreak of the economic crisis, the branch had more than 50 fixed customers. Due to excellent product quality and good corporate reputation, there are many orders, and the production task is always in a saturated state. Orders such as market personnel staying at home have become a special scene for sensors

however, by the end of last year, the global economic crisis had sharply reduced the number of branch company customers from more than 50 to more than 30. Fewer and fewer orders, rapid decline in sales, surplus labor... Facing the severe situation, the branch quickly adjusted the customer sales strategy. On the one hand, it actively transferred profits to maximize the retention of original customers. At the same time, the leading group of the branch also instructed the marketing personnel to change their previous work ideas and methods as soon as possible, change "waiting" orders into "running" the market, and issued the "performance evaluation method of the marketing department", which directly linked the income of the marketing personnel to the performance, which greatly stimulated their work enthusiasm. In order to develop new markets and enhance the anti risk ability of enterprises, they almost poured out, and began to rush to the north and south of the river, to various vehicle or supporting manufacturers. The hard work finally ushered in the harvest: in just three months, the branch added nearly 10 customers, and the sales revenue also increased month by month

product research and development is moving towards a virtuous cycle

a few years ago, China's automotive industry experienced a "blowout" market, and the production orders of enterprises were almost like snowflakes. The production capacity is maximized and the employees work overtime, but even in this state, the branch still does not ignore the innovation of technology and products and the development of new markets. Under the market economy system, many enterprises are difficult to walk out of a cyclical Law: from weak to strong, from strong to prosperous, from prosperous to declining. If there is no sense of crisis and you can't plan ahead, then this prosperity will be difficult to long-term, and enterprises will be difficult to achieve sustainable development

in recent years, the branch company has continuously increased the investment in human and material resources, enhanced its independent research and development ability, and strived to achieve a virtuous cycle of developing new products - putting them into the market as soon as possible - and putting a certain proportion of profits back into the research and development of new products. And it is required to achieve "three rapids": rapid project approval, rapid research and development, and rapid market entry to adapt to rapid changes. 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm 0.1nm in the automotive market

the efforts made by the branch in these years have ensured that the sales revenue of new products increases by 10-20% every year; It ensured that the sales revenue of the company in 2008 fell slightly compared with 2007 under the cold wave of the financial storm. The branch also issued a series of measures for the research and development of new products and technological innovation, such as implementing the project incentive mechanism, increasing the income of technicians as appropriate, etc. In 2009, the sensor branch expects more than 8 new products to enter the market and more than 7 new products to be approved for research and development

care for employees, enhance enterprise harmony and cohesion

after the outbreak of the economic crisis, the surplus labor force of the branch once reached as many as 50, while the branch had about 100 migrant workers. But even when the wind of layoffs is booming outside, the branch company insists on not dismissing one person - even a labor worker. Because no matter in terms of personal feelings or the social aspects undertaken by the enterprise, the enterprise is unwilling and believes that it cannot do so. From the long-term development of the enterprise, dismissing some labor workers may reduce labor costs in a short time. However, whether for the dismissed or the left behind, the negative impact of the enterprise in their hearts will last for a long time. They will think that the enterprise can't share weal and woe with its employees, thus losing their trust in the enterprise, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise

the care of enterprises for employees has greatly improved the enthusiasm and subjective initiative of employees. They work harder and actively provide advice for enterprises. In the third quarter of last year alone, they submitted nearly 300 rationalization suggestions for enterprises, equivalent to twice the same period in 2007, of which more than 80 have been adopted by enterprises and achieved considerable results

the branch company also met the standards. Taking advantage of the relatively easy months of production tasks, the branch company paid close attention to the employees' participation in the 5th Plenary Session of the 107th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which was scheduled to hold on-the-job training and military training in Beijing from October 15 to 18

so far, 80% of the more than 100 front-line employees in the branch can achieve "one person with multiple posts" and "one specialty with multiple abilities", and the proportion of middle and senior workers in employees has increased from 40% to 60% now. It provides a powerful human resource guarantee for the secondary development of enterprises in the future

After the outbreak of the economic crisis, the party and government working group of the branch quickly launched the activity of increasing revenue and reducing costs within the enterprise. The activity requires everyone to save every kilowatt hour of electricity, every drop of water, every piece of paper, and every liter of gas... After the launch of the activity, it has received a positive response from the majority of employees. It has also achieved very obvious results. From September 2008 to now: the company has saved more than 100000 kwh of electricity, more than 2000 tons of water and more than 200 tons of gas through energy-saving transformation, and the energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value has been reduced by nearly 8 percentage points; Through lean production, the product qualification rate was increased by 2 percentage points and the production cost was reduced by 3 percentage points; Reduce the production cost by hundreds of thousands of yuan through the purchase of raw materials and the process control of product production; By reducing inventory funds, establishing an inventory control management system, strictly controlling the use of over budget expenses, making full use of price comparison means, promoting and improving the input-output system, continuing to implement va/ve project and continuous improvement methods, the labor productivity has increased by more than 8% and the internal and external quality losses have decreased by 10% year-on-year

hard work has finally paid off

80000 sets of ABS sensors, 18000 hydraulic cylinders, 40000 electronic products, and an estimated sales revenue of nearly 10 million... This is the product order of the sensor branch of Shanghai Aerospace Automotive electromechanical Co., Ltd. in March, and it is also the largest order received by the sensor branch in a single month since the outbreak of the global economic crisis. This production task is almost the same as that of the branch in its heyday. In the words of Wang Jianmin, general manager of the branch, the enterprise finally ushered in the first ray of sunshine after nearly half a year of haze

this sunshine is hard won. It is the result of the branch team's hard work, strengthening the research and development of new products and market development, and constantly innovating management concepts; At the same time, it is also the best return for the unremitting efforts, tenacious struggle and caring for the enterprise of all employees of the sensor branch

the leader of the branch said: the economic situation caused by the global financial tsunami has not only brought severe tests to enterprises, but also brought many rare opportunities. It is the so-called challenge and opportunity coexist forever. Only by actively responding, accelerating the improvement of independent research and development and innovation capabilities of products, and enhancing our own quality, the day when the financial storm ends will be the time for us to occupy a larger market and create brilliance again

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