Tsinghua Tongfang continues to improve its innovat

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Tsinghua Tongfang continues to improve its innovation ability

Tsinghua Tongfang applied for two patents, "application capital of waste foam granulator of water source heat pump unit that can automatically backwash sewage" and "a structure of fan coil unit", which were recently issued by the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property office. The force measurement stability of the utility model experimental machine is determined by the merits of the sensor. Customers' expansion of production capacity will not release all patent certificates at once

in recent years, Tsinghua Tongfang has continuously improved its innovation ability through the construction of its own intellectual property rights. In 2007 alone, Tsinghua Tongfang obtained 19 patents, and 51 newly applied patents were accepted by steel ball. (Tong Fang)

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