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Senior industrial control practitioners participated in the fourth phase of Saiyuan partner seminar

from June 15 to 16, 2012, Saiyuan automation held the fourth phase of industrial remote and wireless communication market and sales training for new partners in Shanghai. More than 40 industrial control professionals from Sichuan, Henan, Anhui, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places will participate in the training, including more than 20 years of industrial control experience. The total industrial control experience of the participants is more than 400 years. We fully communicated the current situation of the whole industry on the partner discussion platform of Saiyuan, and also fully studied and discussed the new technology products and systems of Saiyuan. The partners gathered together in a harmonious atmosphere. As a special partner, jiusiyi company shared with you the domestic high-quality configuration software. The partners learned professional knowledge, met industry elites, and shared valuable experience

this training is for new domestic partners to conduct a detailed market analysis and product positioning of Saiyuan's industrial telecommunication and industrial wireless communication products and systems, as well as training on sales methods and steps for equipment manufacturers OEM and system integrators Si, combined with many years of rich industrial control industry experience of Saiyuan automation. Through unique analysis, we can improve our recognition of the blue ocean market, but the eco standard SAMPE Beijing Branch signed products are a convenient way to know and develop the market without reducing product performance, improve the accuracy of sales, and promote partners to better explore the local market

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Beijing jiusiyi and Shenzhen Saiyuan are comprehensive strategic partnership. Both sides combine their respective product advantages to jointly explore the blue ocean market. Jiusiyi is the leader of the latest automation software technology and an active promoter of the synchronous application of the latest IT technology in the automation field. It is the first in the world to launch the integration of the latest IT technology, CITIC Technology and control technology in the day's activities, network-based computing and Net platform, a new generation of configuration software easy to control (inspec) with epoch-making revolutionary significance. It has been successfully applied in many major monitoring projects such as the Beijing Olympic Sports Center (Bird's Nest), the Great Hall of the people, Baosteel, Shougang and TISCO. Its globally leading graphics system, c# user program, multilingual and other functions, and its comprehensively improved stability, openness and user human-machine experience have become a model of the new generation of configuration software

(Note: the fifth partner training has begun to register. From August 24 to 25, Shenzhen, which is full of enthusiasm and youthful vitality, welcomes you to feel the difference of Saiyuan and find a market to break through the Red Sea. Saiyuan:)

during the training process, partners actively interact and participate, showing great enthusiasm, and various ideological collisions occur on site from time to time. At the same time, their different understandings of the industrial control industry also enabled Saiyuan and the whole to hold a summit Dialogue Forum on the industrial control industry. Saiyuan's culture and philosophy ran through the meeting, and the partners deeply felt the youth, vitality, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of the Saiyuan team. Through this training, Saiyuan and its partners have deepened their understanding of each other, which is more conducive to mutual cooperation and common market development. At the same time, establish different incentive mechanisms, and Saiyuan is looking for partners across the country for common development and progress. We look forward to more people of insight participating in Saiyuan's team

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