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Transformer ratio bridge factory teaches you the measurement method

Guide: as a transformer ratio bridge manufacturer, when selling transformer ratio bridges to customers 15. Displacement control rate range: 0.001 ~ 500mm/min, of course, they will teach you how to operate the instrument. Operate the transformer ratio bridge from the wiring

1. Wiring: connect the instrument terminals (a, B, C, a, B, c) with the transformer terminals (a, B, C, a, B, c). Pay attention not to connect the high and low voltage reversely, otherwise the instrument may be damaged

2. Turn on the power switch, and the display will first show "welcome to beta products", followed by self-test 1; Self inspection 2; Self inspection 3; If it passes, it means that the instrument is self checking. Finally, the transformation ratio of the last test is displayed respectively. The tapping percentage, group and information display column (error display column) show "self checking passed", indicating that the instrument is normal and can be operated in the next step

3. Press the [parameter] key, and input the transformation ratio, tapping spacing and group in turn until the parameter indicator light goes out. For example, this is often sometimes called the detector. The parameters used in this test are the same as the previous one, and this operation can be omitted

4. Adjust the tapping point with the tapping adjustment key. Each time you press this key, the tapping value moves by one tapping distance. If you press the tapping adjustment key, and there is no response in the tapping display column, it means that the tapping distance is not set. At this time, you can press the parameter key to set the tapping distance

5. Measurement:

a, three-phase continuous: press the "three-phase continuous" key, which determines its loading speed due to its mechanical structure and hydraulic loading principle, and the key light is on. Press the "start" key, and the key light is on. The instrument starts to measure and automatically enters the recording state. After each phase is measured, a prompt tone is issued, and the next phase measurement is entered. After all is completed, it stops automatically

b, single phase: press the < ab > key, the key light is on, press the < start > key, the key light is on, the instrument starts measuring, after the error display is stable, write down the data, press the < stop > key, the key light is on, and complete the AB phase test. The software is easy to operate, and it also completes the measurement of BC and Ca phases

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