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Transparent labels: give the food industry a clear future

nowadays, there are countless types of goods on supermarket shelves. How to increase the attractiveness of product shelves has become a difficult problem for enterprises. The data shows that although 70% of consumers' purchase decisions are made in the store, it takes only about 2.6 seconds for them to decide which brand to buy in front of the commodity shelf. The visual appeal of product labels will determine whether they can be removed from the shelves by customers, and the initial choice of customers will also generate 80% of the final purchase opportunities

at present, although the packaging in the food industry mainly uses direct printing, shrink film, wet adhesive labels and other packaging methods, self-adhesive labels are also gradually occupying a place with their superior shelf performance. In recent years, transparent food labels have sprung up and become the new darling of the food industry. The reason is that consumers' preferences have driven the development of transparent labels. Today, when advocating natural health, consumers prefer transparent labels for the selection standard of food packaging, because transparent packaging can make consumers clear about the inner food at a glance. Therefore, transparent packaging has become a popular trend for both drinks and snack foods, and is even surpassing the traditional packaging selection factors, Become the key to guide consumption and determine the packaging style and materials

therefore, transparent packaging design will become a key competitive advantage in the process of food marketing and promotion. Although this is a basic marketing strategy, it can constantly help brand suppliers make their products unique in the fierce retail environment of the same type, improve the sales volume of products in the sluggish market category of 13. High performance fibers and composites, and provide consumers with a positive shopping experience, thereby increasing the cohesion of the brand. A well-designed package is like a silent promoter, which helps ensure that your product attracts consumers' attention every time they shop

in recent years, transparent self-adhesive labels have gradually occupied a leading position in the field of packaging design, and those brand suppliers who actively adopt this label technology have also quickly won a competitive advantage

take tostitos salsa as an example: the company's original paper wet glue packaged salad sauce products have been greatly impacted by their peers in the U.S. market. Tostitos hopes to design new packaging designs based on the characteristics of sauce products without changing the bottle type, so as to increase market sales. So tostitos sought the help of Eli Denison, a self-adhesive leader with 75 years of rich industry experience. With the professional technical support and rich product supply of Allie Dennison, tostitos converted its original paper wet label into a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive film label with no label look that can meet all its requirements in 2007

according to statistics, the sales volume of sauce of tostitos in that year reached a breakthrough growth of 5% - 10%

the new self-adhesive label has the following advantages:

excellent moisture resistance and low temperature resistance

excellent water and oil resistance

meet the high-speed labeling speed

unique visual effect, excellent shelf attraction

high force measurement accuracy. Similarly, as the world's largest salad seasoning manufacturer, Kraft Foods also attaches great importance to the important role of packaging in the consumer process. Therefore, when Kraft's market share in salad dressing fell from 32.5% in 2002 to 27.8% in 2007 (a drop of 4.7 percentage points), kraft realized that changes must be made in packaging

in order to continue to maintain Kraft's market share in salad dressings, regional markets and brand leadership in the minds of consumers, kraft hopes that while changing the bottle body, the new label can bring more features than the wet label:

excellent moisture and low temperature resistance

excellent water and oil resistance

adapt to more efficient labeling speed

stronger bottle body following

visually highlight the product and convey the information of as many products as possible

in order to achieve the above goals, Kraft has adopted Allie Dennison Fasson transparent pressure sensitive adhesive film label to achieve the above requirements

this new appearance has helped Kraft stand out from many competitors of well-known brands and private label labels on the dazzling commodity shelves. In fact, considering that the stretching jaws of the host can be conveniently parked at any position, the results of a 52 week survey conducted by AC Nielsen (which ended in June 2008) also showed that this new packaging design has increased Kraft's salad condiment sales by 15.8%. The 2009 survey data of AC Nielsen also showed that Kraft's salad seasoning sales and unit sales continued to rise

in the current domestic market, we can see that more and more brand suppliers have begun to infiltrate transparent labels into their product applications. Do you like these transparent labels above? If you like it, now please try to apply Allie Dennison transparent label to your product

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