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Transition to high-end, seize the opportunity of China's new industrial revolution

on June 13, 2013, when Shenzhou 10 spacecraft successfully completed its date with Tiangong 1, The high-precision accelerometer combination developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has also successfully completed its historical mission

the relevant person in charge of Aerospace Science and industry said that the technical strength of the accelerometers used in the spacecraft is currently in the leading position in the national wet shoelaces, which only need to be taken out of distilled water or deionized water to immediately squeeze out excess water and conduct experiments. Based on this technology, aerospace science and industry has developed civil products with excellent performance, among which the most representative products include geological disaster monitoring system Wireless measurement while drilling system and magnetic continuous inclinometer, etc. geological disaster monitoring system has been successfully applied to Wenchuan earthquake relief and Zhouqu post disaster reconstruction. Wireless measurement while drilling system and magnetic continuous inclinometer are respectively applied to the drilling and logging process of oil fields

the person in charge believes that these achievements not only have a high scientific and technological level, but also create significant economic benefits and enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise

Jia Genliang, a professor at the school of economics of Renmin University of China, believes that in history, countries that relied on export resources and cheap labor could not really develop in the end. China must be determined to independently research and develop core and key technologies, not rely on others, but make good use of the huge domestic market to make it the soil for the incubation of China's independent technologies and industries

emerging industries help enterprises transform

the advantages accumulated in space technology and equipment have made great progress in the development of civil products business, and civil products account for nearly 2/3 of the revenue pattern of Aerospace Science and industry

Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology, once said: last year, the expenditure of the whole society for research and development activities was 1024billion yuan, accounting for 1.97% of GDP, according to the National Bureau of statistics. We see some major projects such as Chang'e 1, 2, Tiangong and Shenzhou, lunar observation and deep-sea exploration. Behind these projects, there are science and technology groups that undertake these tasks, most of which are groups transformed from scientific research institutes into enterprises. While undertaking the national scientific and technological tasks, they transform their own technology into products needed by the market

previously, China issued the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries and the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which defined the future development direction of enterprises

Mr. Li, the general manager of a lithium battery enterprise in Anhui, previously worked in a household appliance refrigerator factory. In 2008, Mr. Li, who loved physics, had a premonition that lithium batteries would have greater development space as new materials. After quitting his job, he joined hands with an investor to establish this lithium battery production enterprise

from not being recognized in the early stage to now, there are orders of more than 10 million yuan, and the middle time is only two years

a fund manager said that since 2010, the government has actively guided the transformation of economic and industrial structure, and the policy has become more and more clear and detailed since the goal of 2010. The emerging industry itself has also experienced early accumulation, paid a lot of tuition fees, and is about to enter the development period

some experts said that the competition among major economic powers is increasingly focused on the control of strategic emerging industries and high-end manufacturing. Today, if China cannot make a leading technological breakthrough and industrialize it in the third global industrial revolution, it will not only be unable to occupy the commanding height of this super industrial revolution, but also be marginalized in the new round of global industrial division and wealth cutting

rely on technological innovation to seize the beach and land

the author found in an interview in Wenzhou that most labor-intensive enterprises, such as lighter manufacturing, shoemaking and other industries, are facing the problem of labor shortage

on the one hand, there is a labor shortage, and on the other hand, the boss is unable to recruit any more people

the workers ask for more wages every month, but at present, if I increase my wages again, I will lose money. Judging from the current salary level, I have little profit. The person in charge of a lighter enterprise in Wenzhou said

with the emergence of labor shortage, domestic labor costs are rising, and made in China has become increasingly uncompetitive in the traditional industrial field

some experts believe that at this historical moment of great transformation, if China, as the world's factory, fails to catch up, its economic rise process is likely to be interrupted. High wage countries that occupy high-tech and high-end industries will still defeat low wage countries with backward technology, just as the British used textile machines to defeat handicrafts in China and India

Luo Wen, President of China Electronic Information Research Institute, believes that the key sticking point of China's industry is that its independent innovation ability is not strong and its core technology is controlled by others. At present, China's high-end chips and general-purpose chips are more than 95% dependent on foreign countries, and the basic circuit technology lags behind developed countries for about 5 years. How to break through a number of core and key technologies and improve the ability of industrial technology innovation as soon as possible is the biggest difficulty facing China in coping with the third industrial revolution

enterprises that can achieve independent innovation are doing well

since this year, in the case of serious downturn in the steel industry, Shandong Iron and Steel Group Jigang has not retreated but advanced in the high-end product market: first, it successfully won the bid for 10000 tons of offshore steel from CNOOC, and then successfully rolled the national special x90/100 third-generation pipeline steel, and then signed a contract with Alstom hydropower (China) Co., Ltd. to produce steel plates above 100mm for the first time. Before that, this company only purchased steel plate products above 100mm from Wuyang Steel in China. From January to April, the average unit contribution of Jigang's first-class R & D products reached more than 400 yuan per ton, a significant increase year-on-year

in the first quarter of this year, Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. achieved sales revenue with a year-on-year decrease of 21.33% and has invested 9.8 billion yuan, achieving the performance of reduced output and no reduction in sales revenue; At this time, many domestic steel mills are still in the mire of loss

catch up: customize for customers

for Jigang, it is good to clamp the specific pull rod into the round jaw of the universal experimental machine for fixation during the experiment. Simple technological progress cannot bring the enterprise back to life under the severe industry situation. At this time, Jigang made a bold decision to let R & D personnel come out of the ivory tower, not only to run the external market, order, find customer needs, but also to consider the input-output ratio; We should not only consider the cost of this year, but also calculate the impact of this year's R & D on next year's budget

The relevant person in charge of Jigang told the author that the new product R & D mechanism puts forward higher requirements for the ability of R & D personnel, which requires not only high professional technology and on-site practical ability, but also understanding marketing and accounting. Under the new mechanism, it means that R & D personnel must develop urgently needed, high-quality, differentiated and high-yield products at the minimum cost and the fastest speed

Mr. Guo, the head of a bearing supporting enterprise in Luoyang, told the author: now the boundary of downstream customers' needs is being broken and becoming increasingly blurred. We often go deep into downstream customers to participate in their R & D and production. For upstream customers, we are also adopting a global procurement method. The more enterprises demand, the more meticulous the upstream suppliers will do

some experts believe that as the basic activities of product production become less important in the whole manufacturing activities, other activities of the value chain will become prominent. More enterprises will integrate manufacturing and services to find more creative ways to meet the needs of customers. Gradually, the manufacturing business will be more like a consultant. Before the products are produced, enterprises will spend a lot of time discussing their needs with customers

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