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Energy saving and application status of high-power micro crusher

through the research on the key technologies and structures that affect the performance of the micro crusher, such as the internal classification of the crusher, Gan fluid structure type, the diameter of the rotary table, the linear speed of the hammer knife, the number of types and the relationship between the clearance with the toothed plate and the crushing effect and power consumption, we will innovate and improve the structure and art of the existing high-power vertical micro crusher, The intelligent load control system of the crusher is used to improve the separation efficiency of the waste powder, increase the output and reduce the energy consumption

many scholars' research conclusions and practical application results confirm that crushing is an extremely inefficient operation, and the utilization rate of its effective energy accounts for about 0.6% - 0.3%. The special starting hydraulic pump is the micro pulverization or ultra-fine pulverization as the powder deep processing technology. Due to the ultra refinement of particles, the increased surface area can increase sharply, causing the energy consumption to increase several times or even dozens of times. Therefore, the crushing process is a huge energy consuming operation. If Yi pursues the crushing output and blindly increases the power of the crusher, the result will only backfire - the increase of output is limited, but a lot of power is wasted. Contemporary high and new technologies have higher and higher requirements for material deep processing and crushing, such as particle refinement, particle size uniformity, shape and shape specificity, high quality purification and surface treatment functionalization, and the requirements for micro crushing technology and equipment are also constantly improving. Therefore, the development of high-efficiency and low consumption micro crusher products with superior performance is the unswerving goal of ultra-fine powder industry

at present, the mechanical impact crusher is mostly used for micro crushing equipment, but the mechanical impact micro crusher has the common defects of low efficiency and high energy consumption. Since the introduction and research and development of the vertical shaft micro crusher with built-in classification in the 1990s, this kind of micro crusher has been widely promoted and applied in the high-end aquatic feed industry. In recent years, due to the large-scale and modern transformation of the feed industry, the micro crusher has a trend of gradually large-scale. Due to the sharp rise in the price of feed raw materials and international energy prices, the feed production and food industry is facing serious survival pressure. Therefore, the research on energy conservation and consumption reduction of high-power crushers is of great practical significance to reduce production costs and improve the economic benefits of the food industry. The research group carried out energy-saving and Application Research on the high-power vertical shaft built-in graded micro crusher

years of research and practice in micro crushers have proved that from the perspective of design and process, the energy saving of crushers has great potential. Fujian Agricultural Mechanization Research institute undertakes the project of "research and application of energy-saving and consumption reduction technology of high-power micro crusher" of Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology, and has developed a new tensile testing machine. How to develop the requirements of hydraulic universal testing machine for sensors, replacing high-power (above 90kw) energy-saving cwfl series micro crushers, and has achieved practical results

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