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More than 3.3 billion kwh of wind power transmission! Gansu and Tianjin have reached an agreement on power transmission in the next five years

the Gansu provincial government and the Tianjin municipal government have signed a framework agreement on "Gansu Power into Tianjin" with no fresh alumina as insulation. From 2018 to 2022, Gansu will transmit 2billion kwh of power to Tianjin every year, a total of 10billion kwh in five years. Among them, new energy, mainly wind and electricity, will account for more than one third, more than 3.3 billion kwh

it is reported that by the end of 2017, the installed capacity of power generation in Gansu has exceeded 50million kW, of which the installed capacity of new energy has exceeded 20million kW, reaching 20.68 million KW, ranking fourth in the country. The installed capacity of new energy has exceeded that of thermal power, and the secondary installation procedure has become the largest power supply in Gansu. At the same time, Gansu Province has actively expanded the market space outside the province, promoted the signing of intergovernmental power consumption agreements with central and eastern provinces and cities, and expanded the scale of power transmission from Gansu

in order to promote the export of Gansu Fuyu power, the local government and power companies have taken a variety of measures to actively promote the construction of long-distance power export channels in situ, and speed up the construction of Longdong Shandong and Qinghai Henan UHV DC projects, which are also the later stage of this phased imbalance, and the 750kV third channel power transmission and transformation project in the west of Gansu Su River

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