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The 18th CPC National Congress proposed to vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, promote the revolution of energy production and consumption, support the development of energy-saving and low-carbon industries and new and renewable energy, and build a beautiful China. The newly issued 12th Five year renewable energy plan proposes that the installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 100million kW by 2015 and 200million kW by 2020. Wind power has broad development prospects and market space

wind power has become the third largest power source in China

compared with conventional energy power generation, the resource constraints and environmental constraints on the development and utilization of wind power are small, especially in recent years, wind power technology has made significant progress, the industrial scale has expanded, the cost of wind energy development has been within an acceptable range, and wind power will become one of the main technologies to realize the low-carbon energy strategy

at the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition held recently, it was learned that the global wind power has developed rapidly in recent years, and more than 70 countries have built commercial wind farms. At the end of 2011, the installed capacity of global wind power reached 238million kW, with an increase of 40million kW in that year. In Europe, wind power accounts for 6% of the power supply, Denmark 28% and Spain 16%

after years of practice, wind power has increasingly shown good prospects. With the continuous improvement of wind power technology, the continuous expansion of single unit capacity and the sharp reduction of power generation costs, wind power plays an increasingly important role in energy conservation and emission reduction, coping with climate change and realizing energy transformation

China is currently the country with the largest installed capacity of wind power. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the combined installed capacity of wind power will exceed 60million kW, with a power generation capacity of more than 100billion kwh, becoming the third largest power source in China. At the same time, many Chinese wind power enterprises have begun to make achievements in the international market. Since 2010, domestic enterprises have accounted for nearly half of the top ten wind power machine manufacturing enterprises in the world

according to duxiangwan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, wind energy is a kind of renewable energy with relatively mature technology, large-scale development conditions and commercial development prospects. Wind energy plays an important role in the historical process of our country's energy structure from fossil energy to diversified development, and finally to non fossil energy. The development of wind energy is a stable and important direction in our country's energy strategy in addition to high chemical resistance. Wind energy will become a green pillar of China's energy. The basic route of wind energy development is power generation. The focus of power generation is onshore wind power, while actively promoting offshore wind power

duxiangwan believes that the progress of wind power technology, the increase of merger rate, the gradual decline of wind turbine prices and the gradual expansion of wind power market will continuously improve the competitiveness of wind power. It is expected that the wind power industry in China and the world will show a good momentum of stable development in the future. With the rapid growth of wind energy, we should pay attention to breaking through the bottleneck of technology and economy, enhancing the ability of independent innovation, enhancing core competitiveness, taking a long-term view, laying a good industrial foundation and occupying the commanding heights

new opportunities and challenges in the wind energy market

after several years of rapid growth, China's wind power began to face many bottlenecks. As the first international wind energy exhibition in Asia and the second in the world, the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference has lasted for five years and witnessed the rapid growth of China's wind power industry in the past five years. In the main forum of the conference, the challenges faced by wind energy in the global market and how to cope with the slowdown in the growth of the Chinese market became the topics of discussion

Liu Qi, deputy director of the national energy administration, pointed out that silicon carbide fiber reinforced Qin alloy matrix composites can be used to manufacture compressor blades. At present, the installed scale of wind power in China ranks first in the world, but there are wind abandonment phenomena in some places, reflecting that the traditional energy system, management system and policy measures can not fully meet the needs of the development of new energy such as wind power. To speed up the development of wind power, we must break through the obstacles and constraints of systems and mechanisms

kluasrave, President of the Global Wind Energy Council, said that wind power has become a mainstream power source in the world, with an average annual growth rate of 25% in the past 15 years. Although the global wind power industry is affected by economic slowdown and unstable policies and regulations, we have seen new growth prospects in Latin America, Africa and Asia at the same time of these challenges. In particular, the development of wind power in China has finally stabilized after four to five years of doubling growth, and China will still become a major leader in the global market

wangzhongying, director of the national renewable energy center, said that the pace of wind power has changed from slow at the beginning to fast and steady. Its success 8. The accuracy of load indication: better than 1% of the indicated value. The results are gratifying. The cumulative installed capacity of global wind power increased from 10 MW in 1980 to 17.4 GW in 2000 and then to 237.7 GW in 2011, realizing a leap of orders of magnitude. However, facing the fact that the development growth rate of wind power enterprises slowed down, the benefits declined, And with the increasingly prominent problems such as difficult consumption, the efficient development and utilization of wind power also need to seriously deal with the challenges of technological innovation, investment and financing incentives, price mechanism reform and so on

policies help wind power grow from big to strong

although China's wind power industry is also facing growing pains behind the rapid growth, Li Junfeng, director of the renewable energy special committee of the China Association for the comprehensive utilization of resources, believes that the current pain experienced by the wind power industry is a process that must be experienced in the growth of emerging industries. In the future, China's wind power market still has great potential and the prospect is still bright

hedexin, director of the wind energy professional committee of China Renewable Energy Association, believes that the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan for wind power development in 2012 shows the country's unswerving determination to accelerate the sustainable development of wind power and shows good development expectations to the market and investors. By 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 100million kW, and the annual power generation will reach 190billion kwh. The proportion of wind power generation in the total power generation will exceed 3%. The realization of this goal will promote wind power to play a greater role in adjusting the energy structure and coping with climate change. The huge market scale will also lay a solid foundation for China's wind power to become an important strategic emerging industry with international competitiveness

according to Liu Qi, promoting the sustainable and healthy development of wind power in China is an important systematic project. In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of wind power in China, China will strengthen efforts from five aspects:

first, strengthen the construction of power system, expand the scope of allocating wind energy resources, establish a larger regional power market, and promote the consumption of wind power in a larger power market. The second is to improve the system of policies and regulations, implement the renewable energy law, improve supporting policies, study and formulate the renewable energy power quota system, and promote the full guaranteed acquisition of wind power. Third, optimize the layout of wind power development, and adhere to the parallel development of centralized and decentralized development. The operator should give priority to the maintenance of all parts of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system. Set up on-road wind power with good market conditions, actively and steadily develop offshore wind power, and maintain the wind power construction scale of humidity. Fourth, innovate the utilization mode of wind power, adapt to the intermittent characteristics of wind power, develop dynamic thermal agriculture for water pumping irrigation, and promote the local consumption of wind power. Fifth, strengthen cooperation with countries with developed wind power technology in the world, improve the level of wind power equipment, enhance the innovation ability of Chinese wind power enterprises, and participate in the formulation of international standards and rules

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