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The "three reviews" of China's art glass industry ended

the selection of the top ten enterprises, top ten brands and top ten flagship stores in China's art glass industry, aiming at building well-known brands in the art glass industry, establishing a new corporate image and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry, has been comprehensively completed recently, and the list of famous and excellent enterprises has been "released", and all enterprises that have won awards, In early September, it will be honored by the glass and Industrial Glass Association of CSCEC, which is in the stage of clinical trials in the United States. This is the news recently obtained from China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association

according to Zhang baiheng, Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, in recent years, with the recommendation of the association and the determination of the China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee, automotive glass, float glass, hollow glass and hollow glass brick have been successively included in the Chinese famous brand product catalogue, and 17 Chinese famous brand products have been finally evaluated. In order to establish a brand in the field of glass deep processing and decoration market, and also do some basic work for recommending Chinese famous brands of art glass in the future, the association has carried out the "three reviews" of top ten enterprises, top ten brands and top ten flagship stores in the art glass industry nationwide since June this year. After careful selection by the evaluation committee, the top ten enterprises, top ten brands and top ten flagship stores in the art glass industry were finally selected. The association decided to publicize its results on relevant national media in the near future, and planned to commend all award-winning units during the 2008 'China glass industry annual conference held in Guangzhou Huatai hotel in early September. This activity will promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Therefore, the association plans to carry out similar activities next year. However, what is different from this year is that next year, there will be no limit on the number of enterprises, that is, the number of enterprises that meet the standards will count. It is better to be short than excessive, not subject to integer restrictions

Zhou Zhiwu, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, told that the specific method of this selection activity is that the evaluation committee is composed of leaders of the association, industry experts and member units, and scores the data indicators provided by self declared enterprises in 2007 in accordance with the principles of Justice, fairness and openness and scientific, comprehensive and detailed statistical methods. The indicators of the top ten enterprises include enterprise sales, export foreign exchange earnings, tax payments, awards in the past three years, etc. In addition to the above, the top ten brands have also added indicators such as brand influence and customer satisfaction. Evaluation of the top ten flagship stores 1. The inside and outside of the experimental machine should always be kept clean, and the focus should be on whether it is operated legally, how about the enterprise management and service level, product grade, quantity and variety status, etc. According to the completion of the above indicators, Mr. Chen Weizhong, general manager of Juxian technology, calculates, and then selects the advanced units according to the score. The participating units include regular enterprises in the processing and production field of domestic art glass products, mainstream brand enterprises in the market with registered trademarks, and art glass product retail enterprises with certain business scale and sales performance. Since the evaluation fee is not charged to enterprises, it has received a wide response from many enterprises in the industry if the electronic universal experimental machine cannot reach the experimental power of the rules. In a very short time, the Evaluation Committee received a lot of application materials. The evaluation results show that after years of development, the processing and production of art glass has expanded from the southeast coastal areas to all parts of the country. While enriching the local building decoration market, the whole industry has changed significantly in terms of scale

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