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The end of the epoxy backbone enterprise conference

the end of the epoxy backbone enterprise conference

May 24, 2006

the market seminar of epoxy backbone enterprises hosted by China epoxy resin industry association was held in Nanhu Hotel, Yueyang City, Hunan Province on May 19, 2006. In addition to the leaders of the China epoxy resin industry association and the powder coating professional committee of the Chinese chemical society, there were also Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory, the epoxy resin Business Department of Baling Petrochemical Company, Dow (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hongchang electronic materials company, Wuxi DIC, Langfang nuoxin, Huangshan HengYuan, Huangshan Jinfeng, Jiaxing Jiahua, Harbin Shuanglong coating Person in charge or representative of Langfang Nippon Paint and other enterprises. The meeting reached a consensus on coordinating prices and stabilizing the market

the meeting was held in China. 2. Ensure the complete epoxy resin line supporting instruments, equipment and accessories. This process may be presided over by Zhu steelmaking, chairman of the large-scale industrial manufacturing industry association. He also summarized the development of the domestic epoxy resin industry in 2005 on behalf of the association. Li Dawei, deputy general manager of Baling Petrochemical, Zhang Hui, manager of the business department, Zhuang Aiyu, professional committee of powder coating Lin Ruirong, deputy general manager of Guangdong Hongchang electronic materials company, and others made a special speech on the current global supply and demand of epoxy resin raw materials epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A and the development trend of epoxy resin in the next stage. The meeting held a heated discussion on how to use the platform of industry associations to promote the better development of the industry in the future

through a detailed analysis of the trend of domestic raw material prices and global raw material supply and demand in the past two years, the meeting recognized that the current two major raw material prices of epoxy resin will continue to show an upward trend with the tight supply of raw materials and the demand of the rapid development of downstream; The price of epoxy resin will fluctuate sharply due to the final determination of epichlorohydrin anti-dumping and the global shortage of epichlorohydrin. Therefore, the epoxy resin industry should actively respond, unify and stabilize the market price, and play a role in the healthy development of the industry. The meeting also reached an understanding of the operating procedures of the common spring tension compression testing machine on the general trend of the shortage of raw materials in the market and the steady rise in the price of epoxy resin in the next stage

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