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As the largest pillar industry in Dongguan, the electronic information industry has developed rapidly, attracting the attention of many large multinational electronic enterprises. From May 15 to 17, the 17th South China (Dongguan) International Electronics Industry Manufacturing Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Power Purchase Fair") will be held in another international exhibition center in Liangzhong, Guangdong Hyundai, Houjie. It is understood that LG, sharp, Mitsubishi, Foxconn, Toshiba, Casio and other electronic enterprise giants will participate, but different from the regular exhibition, they are not to promote products, but to bring large purchase orders

the exhibition is the first time for procurement in a decade.

"now the government proposes to optimize the industrial structure and economic transformation, and proposes to take the electronic information industry as a breakthrough, and gradually eliminate a number of enterprises with high pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency. To achieve this goal, it is inseparable from industrial supporting services, such as exhibitions." Shaohuo, vice president of Dongguan Electronic Information Industry Association, said that there are two exhibitions of Dongguan electronic information industry, one is the "electricity Expo" focusing on finished products, and the other is the South China "electricity purchase Expo" focusing on accessories and technology

it is reported that the South China "Power Purchase Fair" has been held in Dongguan for 10 years, and this year is the 17th. According to the sponsor, there are 700 international standard booths with an exhibition area of 18000 square meters. Unlike before, most exhibitors of this e-commerce fair participated in the exhibition to purchase, such as electronic originals, with the help of the exhibition platform, rather than to sell their own things

"this is an innovation in the exhibition industry in Dongguan. The procurement at the exhibition is an application of 'sunshine procurement' implemented by the government in the commercial field, where an enterprise faces multiple suppliers, the transaction conditions are transparent, and the purchaser selects the supplier with the lowest price." Shao Huo said

It is understood that the upcoming 17th "Power Purchase Fair" has attracted the participation of many well-known electronic enterprises, especially in the "anti procurement" link, giant enterprises have thrown hydrangeas at Dongguan

it is reported that LG, Mitsubishi Electric, ut Starcom, Shengbao, ailihe, Casio, Foxconn, Flextronics, sharp, general electric and other internationally renowned large enterprises have organized purchasing groups, and domestic electronics giants such as Qingdao Haier and Sichuan Changhong will also organize purchasing groups to visit. Utsconda, Mitsubishi, Haier, elihe and other multinational electronic enterprises will also hold a special procurement briefing to introduce procurement policies, processes and procurement needs, and interact with suppliers

the organizer said that the reason why these giant enterprises like Dongguan is that the electronic information manufacturing industry in Dongguan is very developed, and the vast majority of accessories can be found in Dongguan. In addition, the "Power Purchase Fair" in South China not only radiates Dongguan, but also the whole South China region, which is the procurement base of the electronic information industry

it is reported that the purchasing teams sent by these electronics giants to Dongguan have a certain say, among which Haier is led by the head of the procurement department of the Asia Pacific region. Shaohuo, vice president of Dongguan Electronic Information Industry Association, believes that this is a rare opportunity for Dongguan's electronic enterprises to join the international supply chain

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Dongguan has a large electronic industry cluster

South China "Power Purchase Fair" takes root in Dongguan, and the key is that Dongguan has a huge electronic information industry cluster. According to statistics, there are nearly 10000 large and small electronic enterprises in Dongguan, and more than 3000 computer information product manufacturers alone, of which about 90% are foreign-funded or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises. The annual output value of the city's IT industry is nearly 100 billion yuan, accounting for about 30% of the city's total industrial output value, and the total export volume of IT products accounts for about 45% of the city's total export volume

a large number of internationally renowned high-tech enterprises, such as Nokia and Ketai electronics in Finland, Samsung electric in South Korea, Panasonic, Sanyo and Kyocera in Japan announced that China (Ningbo) international new materials technology and industry exhibition will be held at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 17 to 19, including optics, Suntech electronics, Sumida electric, DuPont electronics and Perth electronics in the United States, Thomson in France, Philips semiconductor in the Netherlands, quns electronics in Malaysia, Delta Electronics and Dongju electronics in Taiwan, Weiyida in Hong Kong, shengyifu copper plate and other large and some multinational companies with only a short time have settled in Dongguan

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