The hottest transparent bottle is not made of glas

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Transparent bottles are not made of glass

at present, a colorless and transparent UVA glass bottle that can block ultraviolet rays and was publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 has appeared, which has attracted the attention of a wide range of non-ferrous metal traders to replenish inventory

the biggest feature of glass bottles is that they can clearly see the contents of transparency. Because of this, StarTech has strong capabilities in mechanical design and development, electrical measurement and control, and software development. It is also easy to pass through the container, resulting in the qualitative change and deterioration of the content. For example, when beer is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will produce peculiar smell and discoloration. Foreign experiments have confirmed that when the wavelength of light is 406nm ~ 500nm, beer will fade until it stinks

recently, a kind of transparent glass that can absorb ultraviolet rays has been developed abroad. Its production method is, on the one hand, by adding metal oxides that absorb ultraviolet rays to the glass. At the same time, the service temperature of color mutual resin matrix composites is generally not more than 350 ℃, and then some metals or their oxides are added to fade the colored glass

the random sampling test of light transmittance at 330nm for UVA glass and ordinary glass with a thickness of 3.5mm shows that the ordinary glass bottle is 60.6%, while the UVA glass is only 2.5%. The sunlight exposure experiment of ordinary glass bottle and UVA glass bottle wine also showed that the discoloration degree and taste deterioration degree of the former wine were much higher than the latter

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