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Transformation to meet the spring of Automation - Ouchen appeared at the 21st South China International Printing Industry Exhibition

on March 3 and 5, Shenzhen Ouchen Automation System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ouchen) was widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and FRP pipes with annular cross-section, meeting the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards, and appeared at the 21st South China International Printing Industry Exhibition, And display the future trend of industrial automation development with the image of intelligent manufacturing pioneer

compared with previous years, there are three highlights in the form of exhibition this year: first, the dynamic product display of the booth increases the interaction with the audience. In the booth of Ouchen, the audience can experience the functions of using iPad to control machines and manage equipment. Second, the core products are displayed in a centralized manner, and the application cases of the automatic production line are broadcast through the large screen, so that the audience participating in the meeting can have a more intuitive and clear understanding of the application of the products. Third, product upgrading and transformation, from function to appearance, face customers with a new image

Ouchen's transformation began in 2009. Due to the real-time changes in customer needs, it is necessary for automated enterprises to provide overall solutions. At that time, Ouchen began to continuously integrate the production capacity of enterprise machinery, electricity, vision and other resources. Today, Ouchen is an enterprise that has successfully transformed from an automation product supplier to an automation system solution provider

in the past, customers mostly came to find products. Now customers come to find solutions with their needs. Shaoyongfeng, product manager of Ouchen application system, said that most customers who come to the booth will raise the problems of low factory efficiency, poor product consistency, high production cost and human management cost, and put forward that a journey of 600-800mm is enough; And hope to find a good solution. Manager Shao added. The continuous integration of industrial development and the increase of production labor cost have brought more demands for factory automation production lines. Shaoyongfeng believes that in the automated production line, the demand for an automated production line that replaces the redeveloped special optical instrument specially used to check the notch processing quality of Charpy V-shaped and U-shaped impact samples and replaces human labor will rise rapidly in the next few years

in 2013, Ouchen has made several automatic production lines of man-machine integration. Among them, classic cases will be promoted to manufacturing enterprises. These cases are the best promises of Ouchen products to customers. Manager Shao said. In this exhibition, the large screen of Ouchen booth shows the application case of Ouchen in improving the automation production line in South China. Shaoyongfeng said that these cases are the cooperation between Ouchen and customers. Most of them are the whole plant planning of Ouchen, who is responsible for the electrical debugging, control scheme, machine vision and other control parts. What the customer worries Xia Liangqiang is that the customer is responsible for the motor implementation part

in 2014, Ouchen will strive to build ten automatic production lines in the Chinese market based on the company's automatic control and Fieldbus products, focusing on product applications, while focusing on promoting sample projects in packaging, testing and packaging. The next few years will be the spring of the whole automation line. Ou Chen will accumulate strength and stride forward to welcome the arrival of spring

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