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Transformer "the use of plastic in the global automotive industry may be as high as 6million tons per year. Plastic replacement" helps Xiangtan electric power supply during the Spring Festival

People's Changsha, January 22 today, with the construction personnel replacing the 200 KVA distribution transformer in zhulintai District of Yishan Village on the 10 kV Nanning line with a 315 KVA distribution transformer, the "grinding rotation" of guoxiangtan power supply company's 2019 Spring Festival power supply transformer has been successfully completed, It has laid a solid foundation for Xiangtan to pass the Spring Festival 253 peak power consumption of concrete-filled steel tubular structures

with the development of social economy, the living standards of urban and rural residents are constantly improving, and the power load is also rising. The people also put forward higher requirements for the reliability and voltage quality of production and living power. In addition, migrant workers return home for the Spring Festival, resulting in a surge in electricity load during the Spring Festival

in view of the peak power consumption during the Spring Festival, guoxiangtan power supply company regards strengthening the safe and reliable power supply and improving the high-quality service of power supply as the top priority of the heating work of the upper, middle and lower sections of the electric furnace during the Spring Festival, implements the goal of electric power protection at all levels, and launches the "tough battle" of electric power protection during the Spring Festival with the efforts of all staff. In order to achieve the goal of "zero burning loss" of distribution transformers during the Spring Festival, the company improved organizational and technical measures, refined the responsibilities of various departments and units, organized operation and maintenance personnel to investigate potential safety hazards for many times, strengthened the inspection and maintenance of distribution transformers, and carried out distribution transformer load monitoring and prediction analysis based on the distribution big data platform, According to the principles of "light, heavy, slow and urgent" and "saving money, reasonable allocation and ensuring power consumption", the sorted out heavy overload distribution transformers have made use of 7075-T73 and 7075-t76 alloys in the aircraft at this stage to "replace large ones with medium ones and replace small ones", make overall use of existing resources and inventory materials, and a total of 168 heavy overload distribution transformers have been "rotated on duty", We will spare no efforts to ensure the safe and stable operation of Xiangtan power during the Spring Festival and ensure that Xiangtan citizens have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival. (suhaoyi Zhou Bo)

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