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Transpara joins Schneider Electric's iiot circle of friends to jointly release the hidden value of the industrial market

help customers in operation intensive industries accelerate the digital transformation and deployment of industrial IOT

real time business insight and early warning will significantly improve operational profitability

enhance Schneider Electric's ecostruxure process automation product portfolio based on IOT

December 27, 2018, Beijing, China - recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, signed a global OEM and distribution cooperation agreement with transpara, a real-time monitoring, visualization and early warning software R & D company. Based on the terms of the agreement, Schneider Electric will provide customers with new industrial IOT solutions to help improve data visibility, internal correlation and early warning capabilities, and achieve real-time control of key business risks, including operational efficiency, reliability, safety and profitability

"in the process of promoting digital transformation, customers have been trying to make operational assets more intelligent. However, collecting, correlating and reasonably applying data in assets is a long-standing challenge," said Chris Lyden, senior vice president of Schneider Electric process automation business, "Cooperating with excellent suppliers like transpara can help us solve these problems. Transpara focuses on the analysis of key performance indicators, that is, it can easily present the internal correlation of key operation data on any device in a user-friendly way, and provide customers with a real-time operation view to help customers make instant decisions faster and improve operation efficiency, reliability, security and profitability. This cooperation will be effective Help our customers maintain the pace of business growth and achieve rapid profit. "

transpara provides real-time KPI, data table and early warning functions for Schneider Electric's user analysis product portfolio. These functions span multiple dynamic data sources, including intelligent machines and edge devices, as well as other IT infrastructure and network security data, business applications and network services. For example, transpara's software can detect whether the function of the program analyzer has degraded, and send an early warning to the operator according to the relevant signs, so that the operator can actively maintain the equipment before the accident. In this way, the operation process, asset efficiency and reliability are well controlled, and the personal safety of operators is better guaranteed. Through this cooperation, real-time data will be transmitted to more audiences including company executives, on-site service personnel and maintenance service providers through remote or on-site means, and can be understood without relevant experience or training

combination of data, relevant texts and control

this cooperation will bring Schneider Electric ecostruxure? Industrial IOT capability and transpara's visual KPI? The integration of solutions helps customers in smelting, petrochemical, energy and mining and other operation intensive industries better understand and control the performance of equipment and other assets. Visual KPI software can summarize existing data or external dynamic data without moving data, including operation, financial and infrastructure information, and provide role-based executable KPI and early warning information to end users in different locations and using different devices. Visual KPI can apply relevant texts to the data provided by different devices, such as the data obtained from historical data, relational databases, business intelligence tools and network services, and present them in a visual and mobile responsive interface. Such information and data are easier for people to understand and obtain

the agreements reached this time include distribution agreement and OEM Relationship Agreement. According to the distribution agreement, Schneider Electric can provide transpara's visual KPI solution and related services directly or through channel partners to help customers deploy software locally or in the cloud. According to the OEM Relationship Agreement, Schneider Electric can directly embed the server, client and/or edge software of visual KPI into all levels of intelligent devices of Schneider Electric, including process analyzers, motor control centers, pumps and valves, and expand and integrate these innovative capabilities into products in a consistent, concise and user-friendly manner

according to these two sub agreements, the entire operation process and all data sources will become immediately visible, which will enable customers to understand and solve unexpected downtime problems more quickly, make the process more efficient, and significantly improve operational profitability and security

lyden means: "In the short term, transpara's technology will help to enhance Schneider Electric's industry-leading process automation product portfolio strength based on ecostruxu2. The less signal re industrial IOT platform, including ecostruxure Foxboro DCS and ecostruxure process analyzers, and continue to create value for existing customers. In the long term, this cooperation will further promote the re innovation of Schneider Electric's next-generation process automation solutions, and will lead to the real-time industry Business control extends to the equipment layer in the industrial IOT environment. "

ecostruxure is an open, interactive and IOT based architecture and platform of Schneider Electric, which can provide customers with excellent value of interconnection, safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainable development. Press the power on button (the power indicator light is on) ecostruxure is promoting comprehensive innovation at all levels, from interconnected products to edge control, and then to application, analysis and service. So far, ecostruxure has been deployed in more than 480000 installation sites around the world, supported by more than 20000 system integrators and developers, and is managing more than 1.6 million assets in the cloud through more than 40 digital services

transpara CEO Michael Saucier said: "Today's highly interconnected IOT environment provides a lot of business opportunities for all operating organizations. However, only those enterprises that can directly and effectively transmit data to the right people in a user-friendly manner at the right time can better seize the opportunity. The number of patent authorization countries has increased to 12. Transpara's real-time and intuitive monitoring and analysis capabilities, as well as Schneider Electric's large number of Digitalization for the industrial market Products and custody services are our respective advantages, and this cooperation will promote the integration of these advantages. In the future, we will work together to promote continuous innovation and help customers. Of course, not all interior accessories should meet the above requirements at the same time, and customers should complete the upgrading from simple business performance management to real-time performance control. "

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