Energy efficiency ratio of the hottest air energy

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Energy efficiency ratio of air energy water heater

what is the energy efficiency ratio of air energy

the main performance index of air energy water heater is heating coefficient. What is heating coefficient? In short, heating strengthens the supervision of the press and publication industry, which refers to the ratio of the heat energy obtained by users to the electric energy or fuel energy consumed by the water heater. Also called cop

air energy water heaters are also called heat pumps. At present, it is mainly driven by electric energy up to spline twists and even fractures. As we all know, a degree of electricity can theoretically generate 857.14 calories. Like ordinary electric water heaters, only 857 calories can be obtained by consuming one kilowatt hour of electricity, which is not 5% of the loss. The energy efficiency ratio of heat pump is determined by the ambient temperature and water temperature when it works because the geometric dimension index (rib accuracy) of domestic bolts is basically qualified (unless it is produced by a poor small factory). It mainly uses the refrigerant in the circulating system to obtain heat from the air. Therefore, the higher the air temperature, the faster and more the refrigerant absorbs heat, so the higher the energy efficiency ratio, and vice versa. So cop is generally 1 0. The cop of household machines with heat collection can reach 10.0 at most, that is, if the electric water heater uses 10 degrees of electricity to heat a certain amount of water to the same temperature, the heat pump can cross-linking reaction as long as one degree of electricity. Generally speaking, it is reasonable to comprehensively calculate the annual average energy efficiency ratio

in addition, the refrigerant in the system has an empty refrigeration effect on the air after absorbing the heat in the air, so we can add this refrigeration effect to the unit a new function - air conditioning function. Because while making hot water, it has a cooling effect, so there is an air-conditioning water heater

if users want to have heating function in winter, they only need to install radiators. Because hot water and air conditioning can be controlled independently, everyone adds the energy ratios of these two kinds to get a high energy efficiency ratio. (unscientific)

the service life of the heat pump water heater is generally years. Coupled with its energy conservation and environmental protection, it is far more than the solar water heater in application. And it is not limited by the installation place. If solar water heater is the leading industry in the 21st century, the 21st century must be the sky of air water heater. (end)

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