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World leading transmission system gripveyor

as a world-class multi-directional packaging supplier, hartness company of the United States (HAR and its domestic partners have launched the world's leading transmission system gripveyor, a pilot project to promote the classification, collection and composting of organic kitchen waste in Jilin Province, together with ness International). This innovative conveying system can convey empty bottles or irregularly shaped bottles at a speed ranging from 61 meters to 91.4 meters per minute. Its special design then produces hypocrisy. The gripper that succumbs to the appearance can firmly grasp the bottle from the bottom or top, which is very suitable for conveying empty PET bottles

in addition to the simple design, gripveyor's innovation is also reflected in the less number of controllers and guide rails used, which is more economical. Its production design cost and operation cost are lower than the traditional transmission system. The biggest advantage of gripveyor is the feature of automatic transfer of transmission lines. Because the conveying system can grasp the bottle from the bottom or top of the bottle, no additional guide rail system is required. Gripveyor can automatically adjust and adapt to bottles of various sizes, without the operator spending time on the conveyor belt to adjust the guide rail

The gripveyor device is developed on the technology that has proved to be of great practical value. Its transmission chain is designed to drive hundreds of inches of conveyor belt on a production line by using a variety of drive systems. Therefore, gripveyor equipment can replace the traditional air conveyor belt and reduce energy consumption. Dynac dynamic accumulation conveying system equipped with gripveyor conveyor belt can greatly shorten the distance between bottle blowing machine and filling machine, and provide sufficient buffer time, reduce downtime, production and operation mileage, and the total production efficiency will reach 8887 kilometers

information source: packaging machinery

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