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In the spring, the global construction machinery industry still plans a total investment of 3 billion yuan, hovering at the bottom of the "cold winter". As the pacesetter in the domestic industry, XCMG group has put forward a new business idea of "internationalization, lean, short board and sustainability" and launched supply side reform. "According to the old routines and practices, we can't adapt to the new changes in the market. At this time, we should test our wisdom and inspiration, and we should be more focused and persistent." Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, led more than 20000 "XCMG workers" to integrate innovation into genes and advance towards the goal of reaching the summit of "Mount Everest" with the craftsman spirit of excellence

Xuzhou city leaders cut the ribbon for schweiying's new 65m pump truck

New Pattern: in the international market, XCMG's "Overseas Corps"

recently, XCMG ushered in a "good start" in Rondonia, Brazil, winning the government highway project of 56 construction machinery at one stroke. This is the largest external bidding of the Brazilian government in recent years, attracting many international first-line brands such as Carter and Volvo to participate in the bidding. XCMG wins. The governor of the state, convucio Moura, said the reason: "we have been paying attention to XCMG for a long time, and we are surprised that the products produced in China are so high-quality."

instead of fighting a "price war", we should strive for quality and performance. XCMG has built a base in Brazil for many years, which has changed the local impression of "low-end" equipment manufacturing in China and improved the reputation of Chinese brands. In Wang Min's view, the high pressure of industry inventory is actually the surplus of medium and low-end products. The medium and high-end products required by the international market are mainly controlled by foreign enterprises. "We can't simply complain about the lack of market and high requirements, but our own ability is insufficient. We used to be too busy to support the quantity of delivery, but now we should focus on high-tech innovation."

aiming at "medium and high-end", XCMG is becoming a strong competitor to challenge this market pattern. Not only in Brazil, at the beginning of the Spring Festival, XCMG's "Overseas Corps" launched a comprehensive attack: 174 equipment were sold to Africa, 10 large excavators were exported to Qatar, and 3 medium and large tonnage cranes were sent to Southeast Asia...

at present, XCMG's International layout has been improved, with 37 overseas companies and offices in Russia, Chile, South Africa and other countries, and 123 overseas distributors. In addition, XCMG has established a European R & D center in Germany, 39 spare parts service centers in Algeria and India, and completed four assembly plant projects in Uzbekistan and Iran. Its overseas marketing, R & D and manufacturing systems cover 174 countries and regions around the world. It is estimated that by 2020, XCMG's overseas revenue will account for 50% of the company's revenue

new concept: products are sold flexibly, and more emphasis is placed on serving the "post market"

1 euro, which has won 33% of the shares of old German enterprises! This is a classic case of XCMG's acquisition of schweiying concrete company in Germany in 2012. Speaking of this little-known detail, Wang Min felt the cruelty of the market and realized the importance of innovative management. "When Germans make products, we have to rely on their masters. However, because they are family businesses, their management and services have not kept up, and they are on the verge of bankruptcy." Last year, at the beginning of 2017, the new subsidy policy for new energy vehicles of schweiying was not introduced yet, realizing a profit of 3million euros. On March 1 this year, the 65 meter pump truck newly developed by schweiying company cut the ribbon. This truck is the first in the world to adopt multi-level synchronous telescopic arc outrigger technology and hydraulic control intelligent boom technology, representing the world's highest level of concrete pump truck. Just after the completion of R & D and trial production, it received 25 orders from all over the world. The German machinery trade union commented, "with China's new shareholders, the enterprise has undergone new changes."

"we have changed from a single product to a service-oriented sales." Sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG group, said that our relationship with customers is no longer just a business relationship. XCMG's equipment resources distributed everywhere can be connected and shared. They will provide flexible and changeable complete construction solutions for customers' different engineering projects, including engineering construction process design consulting, equipment selection, assistance in construction management, etc

in the reform of the market management system, XCMG established Guanglian machinery leasing company and launched new marketing models such as "rent for sale". Wan Houjin, the company's chief financial officer, introduced that this is conducive to reducing the user's early-stage capital. 4. The general and appearance requirements of the seat belt tension tester should fully comply with the relevant provisions of the general technical conditions for seat belt tension tester. In the future, if the equipment does not need to be used, it can be refunded, so as to avoid the idle equipment caused by buyout, and also meet the new demand of central enterprise customers for "asset light"

at present, XCMG can rent 880 machines, forming a cooperative relationship with 9 of the top 10 central enterprises. XCMG machinery has been used in the construction of Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center, Suzhou Metro Line 4, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games venues, Shanghai Disneyland and other projects through such innovative operations. At the same time, XCMG has also provided financial leasing services for more than 50000 customers and more than 50000 host equipment in recent years, with a cumulative business scale of 56billion yuan

new driving force: the integration and upgrading of industrialization and industrialization, and the advance of innovative wisdom

it has been put into operation for 9 months, and 6000 units have been sold - the "Hanfeng" heavy truck launched by XCMG last year has now ranked among the top 10 in this field. This truck produced according to the Mercedes Benz car process perfectly integrates informatization and industrialization, and injects new momentum into XCMG's development in smart manufacturing

in the workshop, the stamping equipment can make up to 20 workpieces in one minute; Four robots work at the same time and complete the cab welding in 7 minutes; The painting workshop with an investment of 200 million yuan is the most advanced in the industry, and painting can be completed in more than 20 minutes. Huyumei, deputy secretary of the Party committee of XCMG automotive division, said that their export products are synchronized with the "European standard", and their safety, reliability, economy and comfort are close to the world-class level

standing at the "tuyere" of interconnection, XCMG also took advantage of the wind to move forward. Shaoshilong, the director of the software development department of XCMG information technology company, said that they independently designed and developed the "road home" information platform last year, which covers functional modules such as machine selection, secondary trading, spare parts trading, construction process consulting, and has more than 4000 registered users. This year, XCMG plans to build a global e-commerce platform, incorporate business systems such as mainframe, secondary, remanufacture, business leasing, spare parts, and plan new functions such as big data analysis and mobile access from an international perspective

in the future, the "XCMG 2025" plan encourages every "XCMG worker" to work hard, that is, with the help of "integration of Internet +, IOT, intelligent manufacturing and other" two integration "means, promote the upgrading of manufacturing technology, product grade, supply chain integration and lean management, become one of the world's" top three "in the industry, and become a respected world-class brand

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