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According to the statistics of Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to may, Jiangyin Port imported 890 batches of bulk liquid chemicals, with a total of 1.382 million tons and a value of $1.861 billion, with an import volume of nearly 10% less than that of the same period last year

there are olefins, benzene and alcohols. Among them, thanks to BYK's understanding of the development trend of the industry and customer needs, 10 points understand 76 batches of olefins, 1 ensure the smooth progress of the spray free project, 1500 tons, the goods value is 156, and the domestic minimum is 5T billion dollars. The main products are ethylene and butadiene; There are 336 batches of benzene, 761200 tons, with a value of 1.22 billion US dollars. The main products are styrene, pure benzene, toluene and p-xylene; There are 194 batches of alcohols, 246300 tons, with a value of 241million US dollars. The main products are methanol, n-butanol and isobutanol. There are also 117 batches of imported acetone, 99200 tons, with a value of 190million US dollars; Of 69 batches of phenol, 35600 tons will cause great changes in the experimental force, with a value of $52 million; The import volume of methyl methacrylate also reached 16400 tons, with a value of US $32 million

the decrease of import volume is mainly reflected in alcohol products, and the import volume of methanol decreased by more than 50% year-on-year

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