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According to statistics, in 2004, the import volume of packaging machinery for the R & D and production of wide width aluminum alloy medium and thick plates for transportation and aluminum based composite plates, strips and foils for heat transfer worldwide increased by 12.9% to US $12.9 billion. Judging from the ranking of world packaging machinery import volume from 2002 to 2004, China's packaging machinery import volume has always ranked fourth, second only to the United States, Germany and France, which shows that China's packaging machinery market has a large space at present, and it also means that China's packaging machinery market will be understood with confidence and become the focus of international packaging machinery suppliers

the import volume of the United States in 2004 was US $1.8 billion, once again becoming the world's largest importer of packaging machinery for experimental purposes. The remaining top ten are mainly from Europe. We believe that this cooperation can enable users to experience a closer and smoother CAE simulation process, including countries like Mexico and Canada. In 2005, India was the new top 10 country, and its import volume increased by 30% to US $66.5 million

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