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The development trend of shower room industry - safety is the key

with the continuous popularization of shower room in the domestic market, its safety has also become the focus of attention of many consumers. According to reliable market analysis, shower room products are increasing at an average rate of 20% - 25%, and shower room products will account for more than 80% in all kinds of real estate development projects and star hotels, hotel bathroom supporting fine decoration, Truly become the protagonist in the bathroom

the glass used to make shower rooms is divided into several categories, ordinary glass, that is, non tempered glass. Ordinary glass has the disadvantages of brittleness, fragility, poor permeability, miscellaneous points and weak compressive strength. Once the glass is broken, its glass fragments are large and sharp, causing great harm in direct contact with human body, and there are great potential safety hazards

due to the drawbacks that tempered glass cannot get rid of, this Daron reg; Resin is a perfect combination of product performance and process performance, which promotes people's demand for safer glass shower room consumption. The emergence of laminated glass shower room gives people a new understanding of the safety of shower room. Laminated glass is considered to be the safest glass for manufacturing shower rooms so far. We will vigorously develop small, ultra-high precision, ultra-high speed and intelligent control processing equipment. The impact resistance and compressive strength of laminated glass are five times that of tempered glass. Even if the fragments of single or double pieces of glass will be tightly adhered to the PVB film in the laminated safety glass after the glass is broken, the whole piece of broken glass will stand in place, and the broken glass surface will remain clean and smooth, will not move, will not fall off and scatter on the ground, and will not cause damage to people or surrounding objects

with the development of shower room in the 21st century, tempered glass is widely used in the market, bringing people safer shower room products. Toughened glass has strong impact strength, high and low temperature resistance, and its compressive strength is five times higher than that of ordinary glass. It will not break under the normal impact of ordinary people, and its safety has been widely recognized by people. However, tempered glass may still explode automatically without direct external mechanical force, which is the self explosion of tempered glass that consumers are worried about. Self explosion is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass. Although the proportion is only less than 3/1000, even if high-quality tempered glass is selected, the possibility of self explosion cannot be ruled out theoretically, causing certain safety hazards to users

nowadays, the national standard requires that the glass of shower room must be tempered glass with high purity and high safety factor. The national standard requires that the fragment state of tempered glass with a thickness of 6 ~ 10 mm is every 50 × The safety crushing amount of 50 ㎜ area should reach more than 40 grains. This also exposes the characteristic disadvantages of glass itself through the pressure oil pipe and then flow back to the oil tank through the oil return valve body. For various reasons, once the tempered glass breaks, its glass fragments will still threaten human safety. Of course, tempered safety glass is still within the scope of safety glass, which meets the requirements of China and other developed countries

there is nothing trivial about safety. Looking at the development trend of the shower room industry today, the safety degree of products has become one of the primary considerations for consumers to choose and buy. Enterprises can only move forward steadily and become stronger in the general trend of the industrialization of shower rooms in the future if they really look at problems from the perspective of consumers and return to human nature

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