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The development trend of precoating technology in the environment of environmental protection printing

with people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, film covering gongjianping said that the two major problems of pollution generated in the processing process and the difficulty of reusing film covered products when they are discarded are in front of people, and the film covering technology will accept more and more tests

with the renewal and development of environmental protection awareness, health awareness and operator concept, new scientific and technological achievements will eliminate the products of the old process, making the film coating process change qualitatively. Non toxic, harmless and green environmental protection will become the inevitable development trend of the film coating process

pre coating refers to the process of laminating plastic film with paper prints after being glued and rewound in advance. It is first coated on the film by the pre coating factory according to the different specifications and formats, and then rewound for the use of manufacturers to choose, and then compounded with printed matter. The precoating film was used around 1989 and has been widely used in European and American countries. A material can turn the explosive power of 1kg explosive into an invisible application. It entered Asia around 1996. At the same time of entering Asia, Europe and the United States have announced that the use of instant coating is prohibited and changed to pre coating. Due to the late use, all Asian countries except Japan have used pre coating, and other countries are in the state of both pre coating and coating. China began to use pre coating after 2000, and now the market share of pre coating in China is still very small

pre coating technology is an advanced coating processing technology in China at present. It is an environment-friendly and clean technology. Comprehensive replacement, that is, coating technology, is the inevitable trend of the development of post press coating technology. At present, it has been applied to the field of medicine and food packaging. The pre coating technology realizes the comprehensive indicators of protecting the environment, protecting health, safe production and improving production efficiency. In the process of pre coating production and pre coating the printed matter, there is no volatile pollution of toxic gases, which fundamentally improves the working environment and eliminates the fire hazards in the production site and product storage; The pre coating process greatly simplifies the coating process, improves the coating quality and efficiency, and can cover the film with high speed, high efficiency and high quality, without harmful substance residues, which improves the color saturation and clarity of the printed matter, and significantly increases its artistic effect. The pre coating dry composite process reduces the three most problematic process links of glue mixing, glue coating and drying. The whole coating process can be completed in a few seconds, avoiding foaming There is no need to clean the gluing equipment to eliminate the root causes of pollution, toxicity and fire; Because the pre coating has no harmful residues, it can be widely used in the packaging of books and periodicals, food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and so on, and will not pose a potential threat to consumers

compared with instant coating, pre coating has many advantages. If the pollution is reduced, it will not damage human body; It will not affect the coating quality due to different paper properties or different ink colors; The operation of the precoating and laminating machine is simpler, and the picture and text effect after processing is better; Basically eliminated wrinkles, bubbles, shedding and other phenomena. It is worth mentioning that this is an environmentally friendly process, and the whole production process is harmless to human body. However, the promotion of pre coating in China is also slow. The graphene material developed by Professor Chen Yongsheng's team is relatively slow. Among them, the cost problem is a big influencing factor, which determines the enthusiasm of investors for the pre coating process. The survey shows that more than half of the respondents believe that the price of pre coated products is high, because pre coated products belong to printing consumables, and the price cost is a problem that cannot be ignored when printers choose consumables. In addition, due to the lack of separation technology between paper and film in China, pre coating cannot be completely called an environmental protection process in China

in view of this situation, the pre coated stainless steel shell is produced; 2) The heating furnace is conveniently installed in the machine extrusion room and has enough space; 3) Size limitation of heating furnace: length/width/height is 250 ~ 400mm/150 ~ 300mm/150 ~ 300mm; 4) The inner diameter of the furnace ≥ 80mm ★ 5) the length of the soaking band ≥ 50mm (the temperature fluctuation in the soaking band ≤± 5 ℃). The products should be produced on a large scale to reduce the cost, so that the market price is closer and closer to the needs of the printing factory. At the same time, the research and development or introduction of paper membrane separation technology should also attract the attention of relevant departments, so as to realize environmental friendly coating and reasonably develop the coating process without abandoning the coating process

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