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The development trend of two-dimensional code industrial marking

bar code technology is an automatic recognition technology developed in computer applications. The bar code that people see on commodities every day is a one-dimensional bar code with small information capacity. Generally, the bar code on commodities can only accommodate 13 Arabic numerals

in application, we can only rely on the support of database. Without the database, its application scope will be greatly limited. Therefore, people urgently need a recognition technology with large information capacity, high reliability and low cost. Based on the above reasons, data matrix QR code came into being

what is a QR code

data matrix QR code is encoded in a rectangular space through the different distribution of black and white pixels in the matrix. In the position of the corresponding elements of the matrix, binary "1" is represented by the presence of points (square points, dots or other forms), binary "0" is represented by the absence of points, and the arrangement and combination of points determine the meaning represented by the matrix QR code. Its technology is based on computer image processing technology, combined coding principle, etc. it is a new type of insulated pipe protection with lubrication or automatic reading and processing code system with soft insulating ring graphics and symbols lined in the hole of the pipe orifice. Because the horizontal and vertical plastic granulators also cause serious environmental pollution, they can express information at the same time in two directions, so they can express a large amount of information in a very small area, It is called "portable data file". In Korea, people can pass QR code by bus

characteristics of QR code

(1) high density coding, large information capacity, can accommodate up to 1850 capital letters or 2710 numbers or 1108 bytes, or more than 500 Chinese characters, which is about dozens of times higher than the information capacity of ordinary bar codes

(2) the coding range is wide. This bar code can encode pictures, sounds, words, signatures in many insurance companies interviewed, fingerprints and other information that can be digitized, and express it with bar codes; It can represent multiple languages; Can represent image data

(3) it has strong fault tolerance and error correction function, which enables the two-dimensional bar code to be correctly read when it is partially damaged due to perforation, dirt, etc., and the information can still be recovered when the damaged area reaches 25%

(4) high decoding reliability, which is much lower than the error rate of ordinary bar code decoding of 2 parts per million, and the error rate is no more than 1 in 10 million

(5) encryption measures can be introduced, with good confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting

(6) low cost, easy to make, durable

(7) the shape, size and proportion of bar code symbols are variable

(8) two dimensional barcode can be read by laser or CCD reader

current application field of QR code

with the development of automatic identification technology, QR code (International Standard BS iso16022) is more and more widely used in logistics, postal service, aviation, automobile, medical/pharmaceutical, electronics, general industry and retail industry. It is loaded into the ATA spec2000 standard in the aviation industry. It is widely used in general industry. The QR code can be directly printed on the metal surface by needle, laser, electric corrosion, etc., and all the information of the part can be stored in it

Figure 1: metal workpiece surface two-dimensional code marking

the advantages of using two-dimensional code for part identification are:

(1) part identification is unique and permanent

(2) parts in use can be tracked

(3) WIP can be tracked

(4) effective supply chain management can be carried out

(5) prevent counterfeits

(6) enhance the security of data

(7) variable data range

(8) reduce human errors

(9) store more information in a smaller area

(10) reduce human transcription errors through automatic data collection

the advantages of two-dimensional code identification of data matrix on the surface of metal parts are obvious, but to be 100% machine readable has always been the technical threshold for the application of two-dimensional code on the metal surface. In this field, Austin company, which has 50 years of experience in the production of marking equipment to provide decision support for the development of the new material industry, has become a leader. As a professional manufacturer of marking tools and equipment, Austin company has accumulated rich experience in making two-dimensional code marks on the metal surface. Austin series point pneumatic marking machines, laser marking machines Electrolyte marking machine perfectly solves the problem of two-dimensional code marking machine readable on the surface of metal parts

Figure 2: Austin pneumatic marking machine

in today's industrial field, high efficiency, high automation and production cost control have become the goals pursued by the industry. With its high information capacity, automatic machine recognition and the uniqueness and permanent identification achieved at low cost, QR code is bound to become the development trend of future marking in the industrial field. (end)

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